"I am a citizen of the world and my religion is to do good." - Thomas Paine

What is a "world citizen"? It is a person who cares for and is concerned with all life on this planet irrespective of state and national biases that lead to conflict and war. Presently, the two most pressing issues humanity as a whole must face are economic and military ones. The global reach of each has complicated former alliances; provoked unnecessary aggression between nations; and is plummeting the peoples of the earth into a downward spiral of poverty and global war where nuclear arsenals will be employed to achieve ends that benefit a small but powerful class sector that has, to date, already moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock to "three minutes to Midnight".

Our present moment is an historic one where virtually for the first time humanity has the technical means to halt climate-change, solve world-wide hunger and want; provide a basic platform for universal health care; eliminate homelessness; and adopt an evolutionary philosophy that abandons the "Old World Order" of Empire-building through financial and military force. The militaries of the world together with neoliberal economics have brought this planet to a crescendo that now retards humanity's destiny. That destiny is intertwined with an evolutionary ascent in spiritual consciousness that will substitute militarism, materialism, consumerism and ruthless competitiveness with a realization that unless we act together as citizens of the world and caretakers of this planet, act with respect for each other and our environment, we will die together. The Next Paradigm for our world will be built upon this rock.

The time is urgent. The hands of the Doomsday Clock wait to be halted from reaching that day the atomic scientists call Midnight.

For those who hold the vision of a peaceful earth evolving toward higher understandings and purposes, it is not a time for passivity. It is not a time for reformation but for new birth. Glimpses of the Next Paradigm emerge slowly - sometimes privately and sometimes publicly. Childbirth is not without pain. Those who assist suffer too, but not with torments of those who resist and do battle against.

Inching toward the Next Paradigm with only pinpoints of light in the heavens to guide is the circumstance. In time, those stars grow brighter, but clouds of negativy encompassing our present world distort and block the view; upon growing more gray and thicker, can convince the most faithful believer that defeat is imminent.

To believe humankind will approve its own destruction is to view oneself as worthy of annhilation and, by extension, all humans. If privately held, it is the penultiate death wish few will publicly state. But if destructive forces now permeating entire continents are not systemically countered with non-violent mass disapproval, those forces are understood to be approved and sanctioned. Approval is often conveyed through silence, withdrawal, complacency, cynicism and from the deadly effects of nihilism. These counter-productive mechanisms, often possessed by highly sentient and cognitive people, are disguised forms of escape from fear, helplessness and hopelessness. Generally, the populace when not sufficiently educated to make an informed decision is often left confused, if not misinformed by vested interests powerful enough to dictate public policy and command media acquiescence. These factors lead to a paralysis of the democratic process; thereby, a surrender.

Humankind has the abiity to create either a Heaven-on-earth or a Hell. It has chosen the latter. Unless the fires burn themselves out, they will burn all humanity.


2015, 2017 Michael T. Bucci